When twenty cents isn’t worth twenty cents – it’s worth a LOT more!

So, you are thinking, what is he on about?!?! In truth, here in Australia, we still have coins in circulation from the start of decimal currency in 1966. What does that mean? Well, it means there is a chance you will end up with one of the rarer collectible ones in your pocket and you won’t even know it.

About six months ago I saw an article on the most expensive 20c coin in Australia. An uncirculated misprint coin from 1966 was sold for the $6,000 AUD mark, which is a lot for something with a face value of twenty cents! Of the 52.8 million twenty cent coins minted for the 1966 decimal currency issue, it is said to include several thousands of the wavy line version, which is a die fault that meant that countless thousands of the 20c had a wavy edge to the 2 numeral on the face. A circulated version of the coin in standard condition can easily go for $600 AUD, so it is actually worth checking your coins!

Now there are literally millions of twenty cent coins in circulation. Finding a specific year would probably take ages, well, statistically yes, but within a short time I had discovered I had one of the 1966 coins, it wasn’t the special misprint variety, but it did show that the coins are still in circulation after more than 50 years!

I know it isn’t a passive income idea, nor is it an easy get rich system, but you never know if you look through your coins you may find a little bonus payoff waiting for you. 🙂

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