The New Years Resolution….

So, most of us have made New Years Resolutions, and yes, although I do need to shift a bit of weight I added on over the holidays, I made just one resolution. It is an achievable goal.

Force myself to be more motivated and accountable with my passive income work.

So in this regard, I signed up for a webinar and over the duration of the webinar I found some great gems of knowledge, the glaring one was people are 12x more likely to put it into practise if they pay for a course or similar. Mainly because they want to get their moneys worth. The other part was people are 75% more likely to succeed if they have paid for the course.

So yes, I did purchase something at a huge discount. Which had a bundled course included free that I had considered buying six months ago, but couldn’t justify to myself due to the cost. It ended up being cheaper to buy the product and get the course bundled in. 😉

So, now I have made myself accountable to earn back the cost of the spend. Not hard, it wasn’t a big spend.

Further progress on my debt reduction

The other thing is the continued reduction in my overall debt. I did receive a setback when putting in my overdue taxes that they fined me for being late. Fortunately they accepted my appeal that I had actually tried to do them and the tax agent I used hadn’t lodged them. The downside is that I have a tax debt to cover (I knew I had one which was why I put off putting in the tax returns) but I can organise a payment plan with the tax office and just get it paid down.

I have put as much as I can on the credit card and on the store card, and they are going down.

I have let the Etsy stuff slide for a bit, as the course I wanted to do was on Etsy so I wanted to be revisiting it in light of new and informed information related to selling products on Etsy – specifically digital downloadable files.

So, a new year has begun, and hopefully this year sees the debts finally cleared and we can start getting into wealth building!

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