My health gets worse, so lets go into business!

Yeah I know, if you are going to make a big life decision, don’t do it when you have health issues to also deal with. Let’s face it, if I don’t have something to do, I am going to go crazy. So what am I doing? Graphic Design. Sure, I have 30 years experience and that brings a wealth of options to me.

The best option for me is the fact I can try all manner of crazy things with my YouTube, Instagram and other social media channels to see what does and does not work. I did have a WTF moment when I looked at my personal YouTube account and the video I mentioned previously having 7k of views now has over 9k. Which was crazy to me. So I started creating videos and loading them up for my new graphic design business. AAAAAAND got literally no views. After a few weeks they have like 6 views. And that is both shorts and long form. I had some video footage that I loaded onto my personal channel as shorts, and within a few hours each of them had 500-750 views. Honestly, the channel with more views was easily getting more views on shorts that are uploaded. Which means I am now more aware that I have to keep loading more to my business channel to build up to the level of my personal channel and get the same level of views.

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