Locked Down. AGAIN!

So here we are again, second wave lockdown is here. Just in time to have my kids at home for the whole school holidays. For MY sanity, I have found a few free games on Xbox game pass to play. Finding fallout 4 and fallout 76 for free has given me a chance to engage in silly activities to amuse myself, whilst not having to pay anything for the game other than the game pass price.

So what craziness have I found? Well Fallout 76 has a death match mode called Nuclear Winter (that is getting closed off soon) and I have been engaging in the ‘wookieshido’ style of gameplay where you are basically playing hide and seek. Considering I am pretty rubbish at fighting in the game, it suits me. The problem is the rampant cheating in that part of the game kind of ruins it if you are wanting to actually compete. But the rewards for levelling up are nice (especially if you like building stuff in your base like I do). The longer you are alive in death match the more experience you earn to gain more levels. Not having to win does mean there is a lot of people just finding a hiding spot and then going off and doing other stuff while their character just sits somewhere for the game to clock in more time. (A bit boring but I can see it being a viable option to just get the rewards for going up levels).

yeeehaa! Not my base, not my bull, but I AM going to ride it!

My current adventuring goal

This is a silly distraction, I am normally checking out other peoples buildings to see what they have for sale or just how they have built their base. So what is it? I like to call it ‘Goldilocks-ing’ where I simply hop into someone else’s bed in their base and take a photo of myself sleeping in their bed. You DO have a challenge to take X amount of photos in each region, so it isn’t without an eventual reward for doing it.

Much like the story, when you are on a team, you have three other players to visit, which means you have three beds to try out. 😉

It isn’t the only photos I take, but they are a fun distraction from the usual challenges of ‘go here, shoot that, collect this item’ that the game provides.

Not my base, not my chair, but damned if I am not going to get a photo!

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