Totally not dead. Seriously!

So where have I been? Nowhere. Locked down at home (and during that there was 17 weeks straight with my kids at home, we ALL got sick of seeing the same four walls and the same faces 24/7 for that long).

I have been having some serious issues with my back, and recently had yet another scan that discovered yet another issue. A calcified disc bulge squashing my nerves. Sounds like awesome fun with some sciatica right? Well my doctor suggested injections before sticking me on some really strong painkillers. of course these aren’t just your normal injections. As they are going into the nerves around your spine, they have to do it in an MRI machine.

When I arrived that’s when I heard the fun news that they wanted to do an epidural first because the injections hurt THAT much. Great. Just what I needed to hear. Not! Wouldn’t be jumping up and down in excitement to ever do that again, but after a day and a half I am starting to see some improvement. More bed rest and taking it easy, but quality of life should improve, not always being in bad sciatic pain will make doing stuff so much easier. I am looking forward to being able to sit at a computer for more than a few minutes at a time will be nice for a change!

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