Redundancy, new directions and the plans for the future

So, due to my recent redundancy from my full time design role, I am currently without an income. Which means plans to pay down my debts has been put on hold for a bit.


Now this is a hard one, a restructure of the company I was working for meant that my role was outsourced to an Agency. No worries there, but as I had been looking at other roles or had a backup plan for such an occasion I was dropped in the deep end so to speak. It has given me time to look at my options and consider my plans for passive income.

New Directions

For the last couple of years I have been slowly plugging away at a big book on design. It has basically become clear that I would be better off breaking it into the individual chapters and running it in more of an online course format. I am looking at the comparison of running it as an email supplied course, or running it as a complete course that can be done online through a website at the persons own pace.

I have also been looking critically at what I am talking about in regards to the passive income, what someone would want to know, rather than how I am saving money by quitting coffee and putting aside cash for a rainy day. No one cares that I have saved some cash, but it may be more useful to share how my passive income streams are going, and the type of things I am doing to earn income whilst I search for a more stable income for myself.

Plans for the future

Currently, the plan is to try and keep my head above water for as long as possible. How am I going to do that? Well, I could pimp myself out, or do one of those weird YouNow channels to solicit for money while people watch me sleep or something. But a better solution is to put together a sales funnel, populate an email list, build an online course, put together a few info products and get as many old unused project designs I can up on envato as design templates for people to purchase and use as a stating point. If I can get together a simple course and test it out, I can then build up some more complex courses to sell. Plus I am planning on doing some videos to help promote the course stuff or to help give the people doing the course some way to better connect with the content.

There will be more designs added to my zazzle store, redbubble store and my etsy store, as well as new concept designs added to my portfolio and my website taken from my idea journal. The concept designs are mostly just to keep me busy with photoshop and illustrator, and to push my skills a little further by adding in new elements like video and audio to the projects.

Let me know if you have anything to add, as I am always open to ideas!

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