Progress Update!

So, after a little bit of time with the Etsy store open, I have had a slow but steady stream of visitors, my first favourite like of the Etsy store, but currently no sales. That doesn’t worry me as I am slowly building the Etsy store as a passive income stream, and trying out a […]

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Look up there at the top!

Fancy that! A new button for the Easy Store and the Online Store has been renamed to the Zazzle Store. Yes, I have been fairly quiet over the past months, but I am now getting back on track. It was the discovery of being able to run products on Etsy as digital downloadable products that […]

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Melbourne Cup 2015

Its a hard job to NOT bet on the cup, but the twenty bucks saved along with getting a catered lunch means one less day of spend that can go towards debts. Yay debts! Not. With Christmas approaching very quickly, it is time to keep as much cash as I can to spend on the […]

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A few months have passed by, and we are looking down the barrel of another season coming to a close. Progress has been made, carpet is in, walls are painted and the unit is getting the last of the furniture moved in from storage in the next few weeks. Finally! Of course the usual surprise […]

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Progress. It IS happening!

A little update on progress. A new place has been bought, and I am currently about to repaint and put in new carpet in it. It is only small, but it means my mortgage is much much lower and I can start clearing debts. Credit card debt is the first one I am going to […]

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