Progress Update!

So, after a little bit of time with the Etsy store open, I have had a slow but steady stream of visitors, my first favourite like of the Etsy store, but currently no sales.

That doesn’t worry me as I am slowly building the Etsy store as a passive income stream, and trying out a few design ideas to see which work and which don’t for that market.

The other designs I am doing are more fun to help gain a bit more traffic through my Instagram and Facebook channels to my main design website. Honestly, I am using it as a way of seeing how people respond to the designs and evolve the designs to the point where they are reliably getting a reaction from the viewers from the social media channels.

In other news, my storage unit is cleared out and the extra cash that was normally going out to that is now going towards knocking down some of the debts and clearing out some of the outstanding bills. (there was a point there where I was almost a month behind on everything that wasn’t essential)

A money saving tip for the last month was discovering all my favourite old movies are generally available on YouTube to watch. So I did sit down and catch up on some movies whilst the kids were in bed. If you haven’t checked out ‘Kellys Heroes’ you really are missing out. Don’t worry it isn’t some terrible movie, it does star actors you might know, Clint Eastwood and Donald Sutherland for instance.

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