What better way to spend a day off…

Given that I am stuck at home whilst there is a safety inspection going on for the apartment complex (they are putting in some new window locks for child safety to make sure toddlers don’t fall out of high windows which is a good thing!), I am taking the time to enjoy some old classic movies. Escape from New York. Okay the quality of sets and props isn’t so great, that aside, I still think the music from this and the Escape from LA sequel are pretty cool. I actually have this on VHS somewhere, I bought it along with a copy of The Shinobi Ninja movie which was nothing more than a ‘lets make a ninja movie’ type idea. Terrible in so many ways.

Of course, I am not wasting the day totally. I have started a quick purge of my wardrobe for anything that either doesn’t fit, is worn out or is just too ugly to wear. And since I am on the laptop, I have been going through all my old working files to see if there is anything I can give a generic branding style to and load up online to sell as a design template. It may be a nice day outside, but money is money after all.

And for the curious, I have been using the money that was normally allocated to my storage unit to start putting more on my debts. This month saw my car needing to be registered and insured again, as well as the quarterly strata fee for my apartment, so although it doesn’t feel like I am getting ahead I am getting there!

I have also been working on a speech/presentation for a design conference. (no I am not speaking at one, it was a challenge I set myself to do something out of the box and see if I could actually do it.) It has given me some ideas and I have looked into a few different options that I don’t think I would have taken much of a look at in regards to passive income or alternate income streams. All of it online of course, but none of this ‘get rich quick overnight by doing …..’ type of rubbish that people try and sell. When the presentation is done, I hope to video it, splice in some screenshots and other images and load it onto YouTube. Who knows, people might get something from it. No point in wasting an opportunity to help others, even if the original idea was just for myself. 🙂

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