2020: What a hell of a year!

Well it started out with the whole country being on fire. Then we had floods and the Covid19 virus hit, then the toilet paper shortage. So how has the massive shutdown of the country and industry affected me? Well I didn’t work for more than six months in my regular job. But it did mean […]

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Progress. It IS happening!

A little update on progress. A new place has been bought, and I am currently about to repaint and put in new carpet in it. It is only small, but it means my mortgage is much much lower and I can start clearing debts. Credit card debt is the first one I am going to […]

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Debt Free Progress

Unfortunately the Australia Day long weekend was a bit of a quiet one work wise with me laid up with bad leg pain. Not that I did nothing, I started work on the back end stuff for the website, finding a theme that I felt worked better than the one I was using before. I […]

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