Getting that little bit closer to reducing the debts….

Looks like the house has sold, so switching to a much smaller place for myself. Which of course means a much smaller mortgage to service. The sale does mean that I can clear credit card debts and push any extra that is left over to paying off the mortgage a little faster. Clearing those debts which accrue interest each month is a good boost to my slow progress to getting to debt free.

I have noticed a spike in my online stores making sales based on black friday and cyber monday sales, and in sales in the lead up to Christmas. Which hasn’t resulted in any of them ticking over the minimum payout amounts, but they are so close it isn’t funny. Literally 88 cents in one case!

So, a long journey to getting the house on the market after some repairs made under insurance took almost a year to complete (seriously it took that long). But I get to start the new year moving into a new place and getting myself a lot further along in this journey to debt free.

Next goal? Aside from the earning goals I set myself, perhaps making a bigger amount of sales within a certain time period in my online stores. Of course that means spending more time promoting them, and I will need to make sure the best sellers are giving me the best possible return on my time invested in promoting them. Plus promoting myself as well, not just my products, as I am looking at building a bit of an authority in design prior to the launch of my book on design.

* No, that photo is not my house. 😉

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