Progress. It IS happening!

A little update on progress. A new place has been bought, and I am currently about to repaint and put in new carpet in it. It is only small, but it means my mortgage is much much lower and I can start clearing debts. Credit card debt is the first one I am going to focus on.

Now that I have reduced my monthly spend down to mostly the essentials, I do have a chance to push that extra onto the debts as well.

It is slow progress as I am still in a holding pattern as I purchased a property with tenants with a lease that had to expire before I could move in. But now that has happened, it is full speed ahead with the next phase. Of course renovation does reduce my cash and leaves no time for freelancing, but I will be saving as much as I can by doing the work myself or calling in as many favours as I can.

Next update should be one of completion of the main renovations and a start back on freelancing again!

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