Look up there at the top!

Fancy that! A new button for the Easy Store and the Online Store has been renamed to the Zazzle Store.

Yes, I have been fairly quiet over the past months, but I am now getting back on track.

It was the discovery of being able to run products on Etsy as digital downloadable products that inspired me to get back on top of the passive income streams. Getting my hands on a free second hand washing machine has also freed up a bit of money I had been putting aside for a purchase. This has gone directly onto bills, with a little put aside to get some old video cassettes converted to DVD. It may sound frivolous, and it is to a degree, but I intend to use the videos on my YouTube channel to hopefully pull in some more traffic. Converting it shamelessly to my online stores. 😉 Plus it will be a bit of a laugh for some of my friends to see those videos again after so many years. (one of the videos seems to be the only copy outside of the National Library of Australia)

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