A few months have passed by, and we are looking down the barrel of another season coming to a close.

Progress has been made, carpet is in, walls are painted and the unit is getting the last of the furniture moved in from storage in the next few weeks. Finally!

Of course the usual surprise bills of car registration and a drivers license renewal ate into the savings. But, it isn’t a cost that comes up often. This last month saw me downsize the storage unit to one half the size, meaning the cost has gone down considerably. And will be closed off when I have the last of the big furniture out of it.

Have worked on the debts, and not a huge amount has happened, but slowly chipping away at them. Once some of the bigger expenses are closed like storage and the yearly insurance premium I will have some extra cash each month to put on the debts driving them down.

Work continues on a new version of my website, and a few more channels for selling art and design products is in the works as well. No, I haven’t completed the book on graphic design, but I have started on the children’s book I had created. Lots of illustrations to be done for that!

Haven’t really made much progress with freelancing, the goal is to have it as a little extra that will go straight on my debts. Much like my next tax return in fact! 😉

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