Its raining outside

There have been several huge bolts of lightning across the sky directly above my apartment tonight. Big enough to interfere with the TV reception, and enough to make me want to unplug all the electrical stuff around the house just in case.

I am currently working on a clients website, photoshopping some of their images to fit better on their site. Waiting for things to save is never fun so I am adding to this post as I am waiting for the files to save. And trying to get it all done so I am not on the computer with these bolts going off. The kids slept through the thunder which surprises me, because it was LOUD.

People normally equate rain with sadness, that might be more the northern European and American countries, but here it is something you look forward to after a hot day in summer. Nothing beats getting to lie in bed, angle the blinds so you can see the night sky and watch the storm as you listen to the rain. I guess this is just a little post to stop and enjoy the world around you every so often, and to remind myself to do the same from time to time.

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