Getting to the first debt free goal

So almost to the end of my first goal period. On top of my regular income, I am just over half way to my first goal. All the passive income streams I have worked on won’t start paying out until I either hit the payout minimum (normally around the $25 to $50 mark) or it passes the distribution date. Most pay once per month, but some offer you the option to withdraw funds when you want, as long as you are past the minimum amount.

So I have been a little more focused on the main Bitten By Design website these last few weeks, making sure the business is getting more traffic to hopefully convert into clients. Getting vanity google profile URLs for both Bitten By Design and myself this month has meant I have started to go through and update all my old URLs to the new ones.

On the topic of the google profile URLs, I did begin adding my google authorship link for The Debt Free Designer to help bring in the indexing spider faster and boost my results in search. A quick search has revealed this blog is now coming up in search and hopefully with keywords like ‘passive’ and ‘income’ I should start to see a trickle of people stopping by and hopefully getting something of value from this blog!

So, still not to goal yet, but well on my way.

Upcoming posts will cover new free stuff, more iPhone wallpapers, a feature on the book I am working on, and last but not least a link to some of my old comics converted to a digital fomat. Those aren’t the only posts I am planning, it is just to give you some ideas of what’s in store for the blog in the future.


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