Debt Free Progress

Unfortunately the Australia Day long weekend was a bit of a quiet one work wise with me laid up with bad leg pain. Not that I did nothing, I started work on the back end stuff for the website, finding a theme that I felt worked better than the one I was using before. I was able to add the zazzle product feed on a page as well, and I just need to figure out how to show my cafepress products in the same way.

Now I do have a cheque for some freelancing work coming in, but I can’t really count it until the bank clears it.

I have had some feedback from an editor about my book, and their suggestion was to break it into sections, like a starter/advanced book so people don’t get drowned by the sheer amount of content in the book. The other way to go is to do a book series, with each chapter it’s own book. I like the idea of a starter book followed by a second more advanced book. Developing the cover has been fun, the layout of the entire book not so much as I keep wanting to go back and adjust and improve it!

The website now has a few posts added, and I am in the process of reviewing the traffic to each to see if longer posts work, or if the short and simple ones are more popular.

Marketing wise I have added a link for the blog to my google+ account as well as sharing it through the profile. This should hopefully bring in the indexing spider as well as the first visitors to this website.

As always, let me know your thoughts, criticisms, tips or anything else you would like to share or see covered here.

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