Slow progress but still kicking goals

Yes, it is pretty terrible that I have been focussed on other things other than updating my story and progress.

But to update, I am seeing a pick up in sales of my print on demand items in the lead up to halloween and christmas. Savings have been made by buying blinds and cutting them back myself rather than buying custom made ones.

I have started on Isagenix for more energy and to get my fitness back on track. It is certainly not a cheap option, but it does replace two of your meals a day, as well as boost your vitamins and so on. So I am certainly feeling boosted to how I was before!

A major laptop hard drive failure has meant the need for repairs to it, which wasn’t a cheap fix. The other unexpected surprise was the early arrival of Strata Levies along with the Council Rates and Water Levies (which included a surprise yearly fee for garbage collection I hadn’t planned for).

But, I have still been putting the minimums with a little extra on all the debts, (apart from the home loan) so I am still in a good position target wise. It would have been nice to get more freelancing work or extra sales out of the print on demand stores, but that isn’t as important as getting the unit finished and saving up for a washing machine. Hand washing sheets in the bath tub gets a bit tiresome. 😉

Big plans are afoot in regards to developing products to sell, as I am currently working on not only an idea for an online course through one of the training websites, but also doing some audio recording (an ALDI find of a USB condenser microphone helped with that) I am looking at doing a irregular podcast about design and getting debt free, recording voices for an animation I want to do (or update the ones I have already done with voice tracks) or maybe just even recording my poetry to put up online. Not to mention trying to set up a home office space for myself so I have inspiration pieces around me whilst I work and to help stay motivated when I am working on my own projects. 🙂

If you have any ideas for making extra cash, definitely share them as I am always open to new income channels!

Oh, and finding out my last tax accountant HADN’T put in my return like she had told me she had has meant another one is now doing it and I have found the ‘decent return’ the first one promised me is actually me owing extra tax. Yay. Not!

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