So where the hell have I been? And what’s been happening?

So the journey has hit a few bumps in the last year.I was diagnosed with a herniated disc in my back, which in addition to several disc bulges meant I was in a LOT of pain. Combined with covid, meant I wasn’t working, but fortunately my mortgage payments were put on hold for most of it. So I used the chance to clear as much of my debts as I could. Not being able to go out or do anything really makes you save!

I have used some of the savings to get a new drill and have done some projects around my place. I replaced all the drawer and cupboard handles in my kitchen (I detested the old plastic ones) and built myself a small entryway shelf unit. Plus I have been doing creative art stuff again. Printed a canvas at work for myself, so I have a large framed mandalorian canvas print that cost me all of ten bucks.

Currently I am trying to switch over my old laptop to one I was given, mine has a dead battery that has busted out the case and is a nightmare to deal with. I looked at getting a new laptop, but none of my design software runs on it! (32 bit versus 64 bit processors)

Look, the mortgage is still there, but I have an offset account with some money in it to help reduce my interest, I was given money toward a washer and dryer for my last birthday (as my old free washing machine packed it in) so the laundry is a little bit cramped.

Future plans are to get back into making jerky (when it’s not crazy hot summer weather) finally paint all my interior doors and wardrobe doors. Then paint the kitchen cabinet doors and paint the benchtop and splash back tiles. Finally save enough to renovate the bathroom, because it needs a new shower screen and a few other things done. Won’t be this year, as it’s all still holding pattern until covid is sorted out.

I wasn’t stuck on an island last year, but a good part of it I was stuck in bed. Looking at the same four walls every day was not what I call fun! Hopefully this year settles down and I can get cracking on some cool stuff.

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