Doing it for a fiverr.

Making yourself money the fiverr way seems counter-productive initially, even my first reaction was how do you make money? If you do something that only takes a few minutes, you can actually earn a decent level of money per hour.

The drawback is when you start out that you can only offer a $5 gig, no extra add ons to it or anything like that until you hit level 1 (level 1 requires you complete 10 gigs within a single month).

Where you make the proper money is from the up-sell, adding extra items, or in the case of videos, doing it on a green screen, supplying a HD video to the person, writing the script, adding text over the video or any number of extra things which can turn a five dollar gig into a much more reasonable return for your time.

I am currently working through the various ideas I have had, and trying to decide how to position them initially as five dollar only gigs prior to hitting the level 1 and being able to add extras.

You have the ability to have 20 gigs posted at fiverr, which means you can run quite a few different gigs as long as you make sure you give yourself enough time to complete them if you get busy. You will find quite a lot of people have tip/donation gigs, and it is easy enough to setup when you first get started. Who wouldn’t like gifts of money! But you will need to develop other gigs for people so they can be happy enough with your work to feel justified in rewarding you with an extra tip/gift for your work.

Don’t forget, fiverr takes a cut, so you don’t get a fiver for your completed gig, you get four. If you are selling an eBook or other digital file, then that is not too bad, but could be a shock if you were expecting each of your gigs to earn you the full five!

If you try fiverr out for yourself, drop a comment here and I will check out your gigs, and don’t forget to check mine out at

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