You might be noticing a few differences….

I am presently trying out a few different themes to try and streamline the look and feel of the website.

This will probably be a series of different themes until I find one which not only looks good but is easier to see across multiple platforms.

And it gives me the excuse to try out plugins and a few test posts using different media to see how it all works.

On the normal progress I have been making, well, to be honest, I have switched the mortgage to interest only for the next few months to help get a bigger dent in the debts. It may be slow, but I am seeing the debts going down. Yay! No sales through my ETSY store, but I did have a surprise through Rebubble having made a sale earlier this year. A whole 31 cents profit. 😉

It isn’t on par with my Zazzle earnings but money is money. I am looking at a few other options, but it may be that it is time to crank out some of my viral video ideas to earn a bit of advertising share from youtube.

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