Time for another side hustle!

So another year is upon us, and I am back with a few New Years resolutions, aside from the usual – eat better and exercise more, I have been thinking I need to get another side hustle happening to bring in the money. I was given an inheritance recently which has allowed me to upgrade my twenty year old car to a new one. Seriously, TWENTY years old. Funny thing is, the insurance on the new car is almost the same as the old one… These are just some ideas to go into the mix with the other current money making and side hustles I am doing. I won’t stop the other ones, the goal is to add one or more of these and boost the income coming in. In this economy, you need a side hustle and if you don’t have at least one side hustle, you are literally missing out on money you could be getting, and normally we ALL need more money than we are earning, if you don’t, well I am sure you could donate a few bucks to me…



So, this one is an odd one, there has been an open callout for writers for a large game company, as they want to start putting out short stories and more novels based in their games universe. I have applied before, but if it comes off, I could get a few stories printed a year. Nice as it is something a little different to writing articles or doing design work.



Working as a Personal Loan Broker, yes I know, you are picturing me as a loan shark in my best mafioso voice saying ‘fuck you pay me’ but this is straight up something I can do as a side hustle on my free days and earn a bit of commission on any loans. Done as a legit business with all the license and registration done above board. A little bit of work to get trained and qualified, but well worth it as I can use my social media marketing and general marketing knowledge to help build a lead funnel to hopefully make enough to cover the bills and not have to do my current casual job (and be able to work on freelance design stuff instead)



Article writing. Yes, I used to do it quite a bit more than I do now. But building name recognition and keeping it in peoples mind is always going to be a benefit.



Product reviewer. Now I have applied for a few different ones, and basically they are all unpaid roles, BUT, here is the benefit, you get to keep the products you review. So once you have reviewed the product, eBay the item and make a bit of coin from it. It isn’t the best idea, but it does give you a bit of cash, it is just not being paid directly from the reviews.


Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of other ones I could do, mystery shopping and all that kind of thing, or being a virtual assistant, but most either don’t pay well, have strict hours you need to work, or are too reliant on the level of demand from your customers. A side hustle should be something you can fit in around other work.


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