Tight-arse Tuesday – Monitor Review

ACER 32″ LCD Monitor Review

So, a while back I recorded a video as part of an application to be a technology tester. Get free stuff and try it out and talk about it? Sure! Sounded good to me, hence this little video was made. Terrible camera quality (filmed on my phone) and no good lighting, and me fumbling through what I wanted to say.

Fast forward to earlier this year

And I happen to get a notification someone I knew had written a comment on the video. Honestly I hadn’t even remembered it was still up and live, I had planned on taking it down as soon as the tech reviewer gig didn’t come through. What was interesting was that it had 7500 views. Like really? Something I had made no effort to promote or share was clicking over views higher than I had ever imagined possible!

Checking back in today to use it as a sample of a tight-arse tuesday post, and it sits at just over 7900 views. Makes me think there might be a potential opportunity to do reviews for stuff that I buy from the perspective of a graphic designer.

It also gives me the idea that the ideas I have on the back burner for crazy projects might be way more popular than I had previously thought. They are all self indulgent projects of stuff I just want to try out or do, or things that amuse me, so don’t expect refined works of art and prose. 😉

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